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ITD Tinting are the midlands leading window film installers. We are accredited by Suntek, Llumar and Global and only use these ultra high performance films.

We are main dealer approved and carry out work for a number of dealerships and detailing companies – you can rest assured your vehicle will be returned with a factory finish every time.

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ITD Tinting use only the best films on the market. We use Suntek, Llumar and Global window tint films which comes in a variety of shades, whether its to enhance your looks, add privacy or protect your occupants, one of our films will suit your needs!

All of our installations come with a lifetime warranty on both the film and installation.

Please feel free to give us a call or use our contact us section and we will be happy to help with any queries or quotations.

ITD Tinting have a specialist dust free installation workshop based in Telford where all automotive work is carried out.

Why tint your windows?



Applying window film to your vehicle can help to keep your vehicle and occupants cool, thus making air conditioning more cost effective!


When applied to your glass, the film provides protection against the suns harmful rays, blocking out over 99% of UV rays. Great to protect your loved ones and ensure that your upholstery and interior trim are less susceptible from inevitable fading and cracking from UV rays.


Depending upon the shade, window tint can prevent prying eyes looking in and seeing valuables in your vehicle, even with lighter films, they prevent smash and grab attacks by holding the glass together when it is broken, also protecting occupants in the case of a collision.


Whether it is low sun through side windows or bright headlights from behind, window film will help to reduce glare enabling a much more pleasant and safer driving experience.