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Blackout Window Film

Why would I ever need to install blackout window film?

Privacy films are utilised in properties for numerous reasons.

So, you’re pondering why someone might need to install blackout window film? You could well be a night owl who simply NEEDS to sleep in the hours that most of us are awake. Maybe you run a business on a busy high street and want to keep any valuable goods out of sight from prying eyes. Or you could well be prepping for the arrival of a bundle of joy – who will NO DOUBT abuse the concept of day and night.

NO MATTER THE REASON, our blackout window film are a great way of putting privacy back into your hands – no matter the hour.

It’s effective, affordable and simple. It’s minimalistic, stylish and elegant. It’s installed by professionals and enjoyed by you – it’s our blackout window film, and it’s here to stay. Our range of films can alter lighting conditions and even offer total obscurity. In addition to blackout films, we also offer coloured vinyls for those who wish to stylise their properties. Better still, all our films can combine with one another to afford customers enhanced privacy and protection – so you needn’t choose one over the other.

Benefits of tinting your windows:

  • Reduce heat to stay cool and enhance your property or car’s air conditioning
  • Protect your loved ones from the sun by blocking out over 99% of UV rays
  • Depending on the shade, tinted windows can prevent prying eyes from looking in
  • Reduce glare and enable a much more pleasant and safer viewing experience
  • Certain window films can help protect you against smash and grabs or collisions

How do we apply blackout window film?

Whilst it takes time, skill and precision, you can DIY.

Hello, and thank you for expressing interest in ITD Tinting for your window film services! Read on to discover our step-by-step guide on how to install blackout window film. All films can essentially be installed using the following method. However, some basic tools are required, such as:

Tape measure | Squeegee | Scraper blade | Knife | Sharp scissors | Plastic hard card | and a spray bottle with slip solution (tap water with a drop of washing up liquid)

1. Spray the whole glass area with your slip solution. Scrape off any residue dirt or paint specks from the glass. Squeegee the glass clean from the top down and wipe away any excess water from the edges using some kitchen roll.

2. Using a clean, flat surface to work on, unpack your window film and roll it out onto the surface. Measure the window dimensions, cut the film with sharp scissors and leave half an inch over the window size.

3. Remove the clear backing liner from the blackout window film, pressing down firmly with the sticky tape. Spray the film with the solution and spray the glass once more before applying the black window film.

4. Slide the film into position on the glass – at this point, the film should float on the glass and should be capable of moving around into the desired position.

5. Spray the back of the film and squeegee over the film – pushing the water bubbles to the edge. Use the hard card to tuck the film into the edge of the glass.

6. Then trim the excess film with a sharp knife; if need be, you can use the hard card as a guide. Peel the excess film away, spray the film again and repeat the squeegee process.

7. Fold a piece of kitchen roll over the squeegee, remove the surplus water from the film’s edges and frame. We do this to prevent water from seeping back into the film.

Give our blackout window film a final wipe over with the kitchen roll – and that’s it, the process is complete!

Problem – Windows are the weakest security measure in any home or business. So, with threat levels on the rise, it has never been so important to take preventative measures and avoid exploitation.

Conflict – For homeowners or employers, the safety of your family or employees is also food for thought. However, what’s the best way to prevent serious injury that might result from broken glass?

Solution – Professionally installed blackout window film offers safety AND security. This ideal and inexpensive solution also increases the privacy of windows and holds the glass in place should it shatter.


What is blackout window film?

Blackout window film is a multi-layered material.

Thanks to its thickness and composition, blackout window film can make glass COMPLETELY opaque. This film also stops 100% natural light, so it’s IDEAL for those who want to create a dark room, or modify a glazed unit. Our films are available in a range of coloured vinyls and can be used as privacy OR for colouring glass. Once installed on ANY piece of glass, occupants and passersby can no longer see through the window. The film prevents any light through whatsoever and essentially obscures the pane.

Instead of painting or using other applications on the window, blackout window film affords you a simple yet elegantly clean look.

On one particular commercial project, our customer had endured the sight of a wall, sheetrock and wires for far too long. Eventually, the business had finally relented and wanted all this obscured. Therefore, instead of this public-facing area, they wanted the windows and this ENTIRE section to be minimal, dark and clean. Given the wall, other than letting in minimal natural light, the window didn’t offer many benefits to the business.

If you’re looking to hide walls – or if you’re looking to make a room very dark for a studio – blackout window film is a GREAT idea.

Blackout film won’t just reduce the light; it’ll hide ANYTHING installed on the other side of the window. Let’s say you want to hide walls, or you just want to cover a whole piece of glass and allow 0% light on both sides; blackout window film is the answer. If the application of this film is something that you’re interested in, fill out the contact form below. However, if you’re not 100% sure, our trained representatives can send over any samples. Otherwise, we can go over specific details and ensure that blackout window film is the best solution for your project needs.


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Accredited by Suntek, Llumar and Global, ITD Tinting is the Midlands’ leading window film installer. Whether you want to enhance your aesthetics, add privacy, or protect your occupants, our range of films is suitable for your needs. Our team only use ultra-high-performance films, and all installations and film come with a lifetime warranty. For automotive work, we operate in a specialist dust-free installation workshop in Telford.

If you have any questions about the blackout window film don’t hesitate to get in touch. With 100% trust review ratings, we offer a professional service using genuine affiliated products.



ITD Tinting has years of experience within the automotive sector supplying Car Window Tinting. Our team apply window films for any number of reasons. Such as heat reduction, UV protection, glare reduction, privacy/safety and styling. ITD Tinting offers nationwide commercial and residential window tinting. Using market-leading window film technologies, we can apply films to overcome an array of issues. Heat, glare and privacy are the most common problems overcome with window film. ITD Tinting provides window tint training in accordance with manufacturers Global and Suntek. As accredited installers of both brands, we will teach you the window tinting process from start to finish in a tailored or bespoke course.

Have a question about any of our solutions – such as our all-important mirror window film services? Please feel free to call us or use our contact form below. We will be happy to help with any queries or quotations.