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Commercial Tinting

ITD Tinting offer nationwide commercial window tinting.

Using market leading window film technologies we can apply films to overcome a array of issues.

  • Clear UV film – Prevent fading of furniture and display stock whilst maintaining perfect visibility.
  • Solar control film – reflect up-to 70% of solar energy whilst maintaining visibility.
  • Privacy – One way mirror film, frosting or total blackout film for ultimate privacy.
  • Security – Anti vandal and security film to prevent penetration.
  • Safety – Anti shatter films to prevent injury in the case of glass breakage. We can apply films to make glass meet BSEN12600.
  • Glare – Glare reduction films to improve your working environment

Regulation 14

Regulation 14 is a legal requirement that states all glazing in specific areas to be of a safe nature and marked accordingly.

“Regulation 14” states:

Every window or other transparent or translucent surface in a wall or partition and every transparent or translucent surface in a door or gate shall, where necessary for reasons of health or safety:-

  • be of safety material or be protected against breakage of the transparent or translucent material; and
  • be appropriately marked or incorporate features so as, in either case, to make it apparent.”

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