Ghost Undetectable Immobilisers



How much is it and how can I pay?


£399 supplied and fitted, payment can be made by cash, card or BACS and you also have the option to spread this over 4 months with our 0% interest-free finance option.


How long do you need my car?


Varies from car to car, but generally speaking around half a day.


What happens if I forget my code?


There are emergency procedures to enable you to reset your code.


Can I change the code?


Yes, you can change your code easily following your supplied instruction manual.


Does it work with stop/start cars?


Yes, this works with stop/start cars, once the code has been entered on initial start it will work as normal.


What happens when I take my car to a garage?


There is a service mode so the garage can start the car as many times as needed without the code, if the vehicle is driven at 30mph for more than 15 minutes it will go into lockdown mode and not start until the code is re-entered.


What happens when I sell my car?


We can remove this for you, or you can leave it in the car as a sales feature.


How can I trust you to work on my car and ensure security?

We are fully insured to work on your vehicle, due to the nature of the product we are unable to show you the product or how/where it is installed. We are sure you can understand and appreciate this. 


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Ghost-II CAN immobiliser


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