Commercial Window Tinting & Film Chester

Approved Window Film Installers in Chester

ITD Tinting is specialist window film installers, using only high-performance films that are accredited by Suntek, Llumar, and Global.

Using only the finest films on the market ensures that they are virtually indistinguishable against factory tinted glass.

Whether you require to enhance the appearance of your car, add privacy or protect your vehicle occupants, we have a wide variety of shades that will suit all your requirements.

Our window solutions do not stop there!

We also cater to businesses and commercial premises with our range of window manifestations, office window tinting, bomb blast film, heat reduction window film and much more.

All of our installations come with a lifetime warranty on both the film and installation.


Chester Tinting and Film Services


  • Commercial window tinting
  • Office window tinting
  • Privacy window film
  • Window manifestation
  • Security window film
  • Anti-glare window film
  • Solar window film
  • UV window film
  • Solar control film
  • Business window tint
  • Bomb blast window film
  • UV filter window film
  • Heat reduction window film