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Conservatory window film can make a BIG difference to your abode

Something as simple as window film can reinvigorate your home’s privacy.

Recently, we installed a conservatory window film for a client whose house was unique. Essentially, you would brush against the conservatory whenever you first entered, and they didn’t want people to go in that way. They also didn’t want anyone to be able to peer in and see all their stuff that was back there. Despite having retired, they wanted a little more privacy for their family, so they called on us, and we got started.

“Hi, I’m Harold Ocean. I recently retired from the logistics industry and found myself spending more and more time in my conservatory. However, I ran into some issues with excessive glare and heat. Whilst I hadn’t personally used any conservatory window film before, I knew people who had and quickly found ITD by a simple search online. I touched base with them, and they contacted me very quickly and – basically – I just liked their professionalism. ITD gave me an option of dates, which all tied in with what they said in the sales information. We agreed on a date, I believe it was a Saturday, and the chaps arrived on time. These clean, polite, interesting characters did the job and left the place very clean. Having done their job, there was indeed a significant glare reduction. It was brilliant. It was just what we needed, and the heat reflection was as it was described. I wouldn’t have any problems recommending these people. In fact, I’ve already made one or two recommendations since. Honestly, they just did everything that they said they would from the outset. They did the job, paid the bill, moved on and there we are.”

Harold Ocean
– Newport

Among many of the things that we need is our lovely big roll of conservatory window film.

Fortunately, the client’s door was pretty big, but before ordering anything for yourself, make sure you have a wide enough piece. Measure before you order to ensure you get a wide enough amount. On that note, you’ll also want to have a tape measure, a Sharpie – preferably with a fine point – and one or two of those snap-off-type knives. The reason that you want the snap-off type is that conservatory window film moulds quickly. Therefore, you want an excellent and sharp point to cut this. So this would be the preferred time, and if all that you have is a regular blade, make sure you have extra blades to change them out. You’re also going to want to have a big and small squeegee.

The small one is not necessary, but you want the big one. The bigger one is beneficial for smoothing out any edges.

You’ll want to have some window cleaner that’ll cut through grease and fingerprints and gets all the dirt off your window. A couple of microfiber towels are also beneficial because they’ll pick up any dust and debris. We recommend using a water soap solution in a 24-ounce bottle with seven drops of soap solution in it. This is important because it keeps your film from sticking to your window before you’re ready for it. Plus, this is in case you need to reposition it, which is something that’s probably going to happen. Soap gives it a slight slipperiness, so it’ll slide.

To recap, you’ll need . . .

⬛ | Conservatory Window Film
⬛ | A Tape Measure
⬛ | A Sharpie (preferably with a fine point)
⬛ | One/Two Snap-Off-Type Knives
⬛ | A Big Soft Squeegee
⬛ | A Small Soft Squeegee
⬛ | Window Cleaner
⬛ | Microfiber Towels
⬛ | Water Soap Solution
⬛ | Paper Towels
⬛ | A Ruler/Straight Edge

You might also want to have some paper towels around, just in case. You want to have a straight edge of some sort for when you’re cutting, too – we use a nice long one.

Now, we think that we’re ready to go measure and start cutting.


The benefits of conservatory window film

✔ Reduce heat to stay cool and enhance your property or car’s air conditioning

✔ Protect your loved ones from the sun by blocking out over 99% of UV rays

✔ Depending on the shade, tinted windows can prevent prying eyes from looking in

✔ Reduce glare and enable a much more pleasant and safer viewing experience

✔ Certain window films can help protect you against smash and grabs or collisions

Here’s how we go about applying our conservatory window films

From measuring to cleaning, applying and cutting away any excess material.

Step #1 | Measure the pane

We first want to measure the pane of glass that we’re going to be cutting the piece for, and we want to add a half inch on each side of this. This way, we have room to move the window film around. For examples-sake, let’s say that this pane is a rectangular shape. All we have to do is add an inch to each measurement, so if we go ahead and measure up here, add an additional inch or so to each side.

Step #2 | Prepare your area

Now, we’re not going to lie; in our time, we’ve had to work in some pretty inopportune locations. Despite this, an ideal setup necessitates an immaculate area. We want it to be dust free as we don’t want anything getting stuck to the conservatory window film. It’s best for us to prep within the space where we’ll apply the film. This way, as soon as we remove any protective layers, we don’t want to be running around throughout the house with such a sticky thing in tow. This is something to keep in mind, plus it means you need to ensure that one area of your home is clean for us to work in.

Step #3 | Cut the conservatory window film

Now we go ahead and roll out our window film. However, the real question is, how do we avoid touching it? It’s a very wrinkled, delicate material that will want to curl up and is highly susceptible to attracting dust and all sorts of pieces. The trick here is to get a towel and eventually smooth out those wrinkles to avoid any pop marks. Now at this stage, we’re not going to cut it because we don’t need to. At least not lengthways, but we will go ahead and cut it widthways. Again, we don’t want it to be overly big, but we do want to have enough so that we can hurry it around and then later, we can always trim it down. This gives us room to work, so once we’ve measured everything out, we’ll go ahead and cut it.

Step #4 | Clean the window film

The next step involves cleaning well with our grease-cutting window cleaner. We don’t want only to clean the glass; we want to go ahead and clean the area around it, just in case our film happens to touch it. This way, it won’t pick up any dirt or debris from the ledge around the window. Okay, so now that we have our window clean, it’s time to give it a good coating with our sort of semi-soapy water. Again, this is NOT the window cleaner; this is that little mixture of soap we made. So we’ll go ahead and give it a delicious thick coating of this; it’s almost like you can’t get too much.

Step #5 | Removing the protective coating

Now comes the funnest part: getting the sticky film and peeling it away from the clear protective coating. For amateurs, this can be an exceedingly tedious process in which picking away at this can be a frustrating thing to watch. Some recommend putting a piece of tape on each side and pulling it apart. However, we tend to find that this makes giant ugly wrinkles and crinkles in your film, showing up on your window. With a bit of patience, we use our box blade to pick at the corner, but patience results in a much better-looking conservatory window film. That would be our recommendation. We ever-so-carefully go ahead and separate the clear from the sticky side. Now we take the soapy solution we made and go ahead and wet down the sticky adhesive side that’s now exposed. Doing so works in our favour because it prevents the adhesive from picking up any debris and stops it from driving you crazy when you remove the film.

Step #6 | Applying the conservatory window film

Now it’s time for the most harrowing part, which is applying the window film to the conservatory. If the window cleaning product we sprayed on here earlier has dried up a little bit, we should ensure that our frame and window are still wet. Depending on how long it takes to remove the coating, it can dry out – as is often the case for amateurs. With this in mind, we check that our film is well coated with our soapy fluid – so it’s excellent and slippery – and then we’ll apply it to the window. Once applied, we want to squeegee it off, and we want to squeegee it from the centre so we can push out all the air bubbles. Use a soft rubber squeegee; otherwise – if you use something hard – be sure to put a cloth or something over it so that it doesn’t scratch your film. We must ensure that we get all the giant air bubbles out of there because if we don’t, whenever this thing dries or sets, those air bubbles are there to stay. So we want to ensure they’re all gone. The little ones will come out on their own; it’s just the big ones that we have to worry about.

Step #7 | Cutting away any excess

Once we’ve done that, we’re ready to cut off our excess and keep our little squeegee with us so that we can shove these things back into the corners. It’ll take a little while to set around the edges as they’re pretty wet because that’s where we were pushing all the liquid and air out. So, we’re just going to do it, and we want to be careful because we don’t want to cut off something we don’t intend to. Now look, how exciting is that? With everything correctly laid down, we can’t see into our client’s conservatory anymore whenever we come up from the side. That’s not only fantastic, but it looks pretty well done, too, if we say so ourselves!

Seem familiar?

❌ Windows are the weakest security point in any home or business. So, with threats on the rise, it’s never been more vital to avoid exploitation with preventative measures.

⚠ For homeowners and employers, the safety of those under your roof is serious food for thought. Yet, how do you prevent serious injury from the likes of broken glass?

✅ Professionally installed window film offers safety AND security. This solution also increases your privacy and conservatory window film costs pail in comparison to its benefits.

What results will our conservatory window film have on your property?

Block sunrays, reflect heat and cut down on your energy costs.

Now, we’re not going to claim that applying this film is an easy feat. However, we do want to tell you why we chose to walk you through how we do a segment of conservatory window film. It can be a very intimidating material to work with. It’s a giant piece of this sticky, weird stuff. Any sane individual would anticipate their first result looking amateurish and horrible – we know ours were!

Fortunately, we’ve been in this business a LONG TIME and are now fully fledged experts in our craft.

Once you become as adept at the task as we are, applying window film to conservatories isn’t that hard, and it doesn’t take us too long. Even when working at height with difficult conservatory windows, it’s possible. It really isn’t all that difficult with a second person on hand to help. With that said, one thing we’ve read as a suggestion is that you should stick the sticky part onto the window whenever you’re peeling the film off. This way, it holds it while you’re peeling the film off. However, we don’t find that to be all that necessary.

We actually find it a lot better to leave it lying on the floor and slowly peel it, spray it, and spray it.

So, we hope that you understand that tasks like this are not all that intimidating a job to do for professionals like us. Better still, the results afford you so much more privacy; of course, it will block some sun rays. It’ll also reflect some heat, which might reduce energy costs a little bit. So, it might not be a bad idea to apply window film to conservatory windows, particularly those that face the sun.


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