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Mirror Window Film

Why might mirror window film be a great option for adding privacy to windows?

Take a deep dive into our easy step-by-step guide for installing mirror window film.

One-way mirror window film – also known as two-way mirror film or privacy film – can be applied to glass to transform it into a one-way mirror. It’s an inexpensive and stylistic way of adding both night and daytime privacy to your property. Yet, unlike transparent mirror films, reflective one-way window film offers day AND night-time privacy. The most effective and affordable solution to enhance window privacy is via the application of a reflective film. Once applied, the film gives the exterior of the glass a mirror sheen. This prevents vision from passing through the glass whilst retaining the view from within.


What is a one-way mirror window film?

It’s a thin, poly material that incorporates several layers. These help control properties such as UV light, heat and glare whilst enhancing privacy. By reflecting the sun’s rays, the mirror film also makes windows more energy efficient. It’s also easier on the eyes and prevents bothersome glare on televisions and computer screens.


How difficult is it to install mirror window film?

ITD Tinting supply and fit a variety of window films for auto, residential and commercial.

Installing window film is simple once you have the know-how. We’ll go into detail about the tools you’ll need and provide you with the pro-level tips we utilise to ensure a flawless finished project. To begin the installation process of mirror window film, we need to have a few items within arm’s reach.


Mirror window film tools

  • Application spray solution
  • A measuring tape
  • A utility knife/razor blade
  • A squeegee glass cleaner
  • A microfiber cloth


1. Cleaning glass for mirror window film

Once we have our materials gathered, we begin by cleaning the window that we’re applying the film against. This will ensure that no dust or debris gets stuck between the window and the film.

2. Measuring the window for window film

Once the window is clear from any dust and debris, we measure the length and width of the window. Taking our razor blade, we cut our window film about one inch bigger than our window is.

3. Cutting mirror window film

When we cut film for our clients, we ship it with a little extra already added. This way, we ensure our fitters have an easy and flawless application experience.

4. How we make the mirror window film stick

Next, we remove the backside from the window film. If it’s a large window, it helps to have a second person hold the other end to prevent accidental creases. We pull the tape on each side of the film in differing directions and gently remove the backing from the film.

5. Applying the mirror window film to the glass

Our team are extremely careful when performing the application, as the mirror window film may crinkle if handled too rough. Once the backing’s removed from the mirror window film, we grab the application solution spray and spray the window. We repeat this with the other side of the window film that was under the backing.

6. Removing bubbles from the mirror window film

With the sections thoroughly sprayed, we gently place the mirror window film on top of the window. Thanks to the lubrication, the film will “stick” to the glass. Now, we grab our squeegee and force out any air bubbles trapped between the film and the window to the edges of the window frame.

7. Trimming the excess mirror window film

Once the window is free from the bubbles, we use our utility knife or razor blade and simply trim the excess from the window edges. There you go; that’s how we apply mirror window film with ease and efficiency.


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ITD Tinting is the Midlands’ leading window film installers and is accredited by Suntek, Llumar and Global. Our team only use these ultra-high-performance films. So, whether it’s to enhance your aesthetics, add privacy to or protect your occupants, one of our films will suit your needs!

All our installations come with a lifetime warranty on both the film and installation. We operate a specialist dust-free installation workshop in Telford, where we carry out all our automotive work.

ITD Tinting has years of experience within the automotive sector supplying Car Window Tinting. Our team apply window films for any number of reasons. Such as heat reduction, UV protection, glare reduction, privacy/safety and styling. ITD Tinting offers nationwide commercial and residential window tinting. Using market-leading window film technologies, we can apply films to overcome an array of issues. Heat, glare and privacy are the most common problems overcome with window film. ITD Tinting provides window tint training in accordance with manufacturers Global and Suntek. As accredited installers of both brands, we will teach you the window tinting process from start to finish in a tailored or bespoke course.


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