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Why is our residential window tinting effective?


Residential Window Tinting

Effective, affordable, stylish – it looks and feels great!


ITD Tinting believes in the benefits our residential window tinting services can bring to your property. We’ve all found ourselves in a room with a spectacular view – which we simply can’t enjoy for many reasons. Perhaps you’re wary of the people on the other side? Maybe you feel overlooked, exposed or vulnerable? Or it could well be a bit more technical. Heat, glare, privacy and safety tend to be the most common problems at home, and we’ve found they can all be solved with window film.


That’s why we’ve made it our business to supply and fit a variety of residential window tinting.


We offer a variety of shades and styling to choose from, including colours to match the external look of your home. Some films provide improved insulation and help lower your energy bills, while others provide more privacy. You’d be surprised at how effective residential window tinting can be in your home. Keep your conservatory cooler during summer and protect your fabrics and furniture from fading. Our films can even reduce visibility and keep out prying eyes. They can also make them stronger and less likely to shatter – protecting you and the people you love from threat or injury.






Contrary to their construction, windows can often contribute to uncomfortable temperatures. This is especially frequent in rooms with lots of glazing such as conservatories.




ITD Tinting can apply solar film to reduce solar heat gain by up to 70%. This is a godsend for exposed rooms like conservatories and makes them usable all year round.






No one wants a spotlight shone on them day-in/day-out. So, whilst sunlight streaming through your windows might look inviting, it can cause your furniture and flooring to fade.




We can apply an un-tinted optically clear UV filter film on your residence. This not only prevents fading but also damage to any interior furnishings and flooring.






No one likes to be watched. Especially when it’s without your knowledge. So, whether you want to prevent passers-by or potential burglars, get in touch with ITD Tinting.





ITD Tinting can apply one-way mirror films or window frosting for total privacy. Despite isolating the view from the outside-in, our residential window tinting still lets light inside.






We all want to feel safe in our beds at night. Yet, if you have young children or pets – or are simply concerned about your windows breaking – we all know that glass is nefariously fragile.





Anti-fragmentation film holds glass together in case of accidents. Our residential window tinting team also apply high-security films. These make windows almost impenetrable.




How can our residential window tinting improve your property?


A high quality, durable and stylish looking product designed to be retrofitted.


ITD Tinting regularly undertakes a variety of projects across the South Coast. We cover everything – from single window tints to expansive instalments – and deal directly with clients, architects and agents. The residential window tinting we provide is available in a range of appearances and finishes. The film is a high quality, durable and stylish looking product designed to be retrofitted to glass in your home. We aim to meet a range of different needs and requirements from all our clientele.


ITD Tinting can install a variety of window films, and offer the following:


Heat rejection


Heat reductive residential window tinting is an effective solution to uncomfortable internal temperatures. These films typically feature a reflective appearance that bounces away sunlight. However, they are available in a range of appearances and grades, each with a different level of performance. Each film supplied and installed by ITD Tinting is specially developed to be long-lasting and unobtrusive.


Safety and security benefits


Windows can sometimes be seen as a weak point when it comes to security. Yet, an application of our specialist security window films can help protect windows and your property. Our residential window tinting strengthens the glass and makes it more resistant to breakage. Durable and secure, our film is approximately twice as thick as standard window film, serving to deter potential intruders.


Partial or full privacy


Part of feeling comfortable in your own home is knowing you have a certain level of privacy from the outside world. Yet, without curtains or blinds, people can often see into your property just as easily as you can see out. Fortunately, our residential window tinting services offer privacy film. Suitable for windows and doors, the reflective finish of the one-way film is a sleek and stylish alternative to curtains and blinds.


Anti Vandal


ITD Tinting’s anti-vandal window films strengthen standard glass to unbelievable proportions. This high tensile polyester film has ultra-strong laminating adhesives that bond to your window. Whilst the film serves to protect you from theft, vandalism and personal injury, it will not prevent it. Instead, attempts to shatter the glass will be in vain as the film will hold any loose debris together.


Anti Glare


Whilst we all love the warmer weather, glare can be a pain when watching TV or reading. Traditionally, drawing the curtains or closing blinds blocks out the majority of the daylight. However, it completely obscures your view. Residential window tinting provides effective glare reduction that filters out sunlight. Its application allows natural light to pass into the building without making the room dark or obstructing your view.



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ITD Tinting is the Midlands’ leading window film installers and is accredited by Suntek, Llumar and Global. Our team only use these ultra-high-performance films. So, whether it’s to enhance your aesthetics, add privacy to or protect your occupants, one of our films will suit your needs!


All our installations come with a lifetime warranty on both the film and installation. We operate a specialist dust-free installation workshop in Telford, where we carry out all our automotive work.


Car Window Tinting


ITD Tinting has years of experience within the automotive sector supplying Car Window Tinting. Our team apply window films for any number of reasons. Such as heat reduction, UV protection, glare reduction, privacy/safety and styling.


Commercial & Residential Window Tinting


ITD Tinting offers nationwide commercial and residential window tinting. Using market-leading window film technologies, we can apply films to overcome an array of issues. Heat, glare and privacy are the most common problems overcome with window film.


Window Tint Training


ITD Tinting provides window tint training in accordance with manufacturers Global and Suntek. As accredited installers of both brands, we will teach you the window tinting process from start to finish in a tailored or bespoke course.


Have a question about any of our solutions – such as residential window tinting? Please feel free to call us or use our contact form below. We will be happy to help with any queries or quotations.