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Why should use tinted window film on residential and commercial buildings?

Don’t put up with the problem. Create better living conditions for those around you.

So, you could be considering purchasing tinted window film for your home or business for several reasons. Perhaps you have too much heat, or you’re concerned about fading? Maybe you’re facing a lot of glare because of all this glass and daylight, and you feel you need to wear your sunglasses inside the home. Whatever your situation is, know this:

You do not need to shy away from tinted window film because it might just be one of the best solutions you could possibly ask for.

You don’t have to block off your view during the day as tinted window films are virtually invisible. They also do a fantastic job of increasing the performance, and in this day and age, we’ve got really advanced coatings, so tinted window films have made giant leaps forward. So our recommendation to you, if you’re looking to have your windows tinted but you’re concerned about . . .

⬛ | How safe it is for double-glazed windows?
⬛ | Whether you have low-e coatings on it?
⬛ | If so, which surface is that coating on?
⬛ | What’s the warranty for that window?
⬛ | And many, many more answers

Tinted window film vendors should be able to give you a lot of information about the type of film. Reach out to a reputable window film contractor, like ITD Tinting. A good manufacturer that’ll back the warranty and a contractor that knows what they’re talking about is a great combination.

The benefits of tinted window film

✔ Reduce heat to stay cool and enhance your property or car’s air conditioning

✔ Protect your loved ones from the sun by blocking out over 99% of UV rays

✔ Depending on the shade, tinted windows can prevent prying eyes from looking in

✔ Reduce glare and enable a much more pleasant and safer viewing experience

✔ Certain window films can help protect you against smash and grabs or collisions

The misconceptions about tinted window films

Don’t listen to the naysayers. Listen to the experts.

We’ve seen videos and heard people in the glass industry talk about tinted window film. Specifically, how it’s going to break your windows or it’s going to build up a lot of heat between the panes of glass. Something like this might happen if you apply the wrong film to a double-glazed window. Yet, a vendor should know the difference between a double-glazed safe film and a non-double-glazed safe film. Any professional should also have metering that is used on the glass to see which surface that coating is on. This is because it could be on your double-glazed windows’ second, third, or even fourth surface. For this reason, we tend to steer clear of avoid installing tinted window film on triple-glazed windows.

Now, let’s talk about the warranty. Major manufacturers will cover the glass, the seal and the replacement value of the reinstallation of tinted window film.

Almost all manufacturers, including the, trusted few we partner with, have warranties. These cover the glass, and the window film replacement should a window ever break. Rarely will a window break due to applying the correct window film in the proper conditions. Our team installs hundreds of square feet of tinted window film every year, and we don’t think we’ve had any glass breakage claims in the past year. Occasionally, a window will break, but this is usually because there’s an inclusion on the side of the glass or something in the glass it’s caught.


Problem vs. Solution

❌ Windows are the weakest security point in any home or business. So, with threats on the rise, it’s never been more vital to avoid exploitation with preventative measures.

⚠ For homeowners and employers, the safety of those under your roof is serious food for thought. Yet, how do you prevent serious injury from the likes of broken glass?

✅ Professionally installed window film offers safety AND security. This solution also increases your privacy and the window tint cost pails in comparison to its benefits.

Is tinted window film safe for MY windows?

In our decades of tenure in the window film business, this is the most commonly asked question.

Yes, tinted window film is safe for your windows – for the most part. So, first things first, there are single-glazed, double-glazed and triple-glazed windows. A single-window pane is just a monolithic piece of glass with outdoor air on either side – and that’s it, as there’s just one piece of glass. A double-glazed window has a pane of glass on the outside and a pane of glass on the inside. These panes are about an inch or ½ an inch apart, sealed around the edge.

Argon or Krypton gas is pumped between these panes to keep moisture out, insulate your home and help dampen noise.

By code, most windows today have to be double glazed. So, if you have a newer home – say 2000 or newer – it’s highly likely that you’ll have double-glazed windows. It’s also highly likely that you may have a low-E (or low emissivity coating) added to one of those glass surfaces. This helps insulate the window and lets you apply tinted window film to increase its performance. However, it’s crucial you hire a window film vendor that understands which surfaces the coating is on.

You would also want them to ensure that the film is compatible with your window’s type of glass and low-E coatings.


Car Window Tinting

ITD Tinting has years of experience within the automotive sector supplying Car Window Tinting. Our team apply window films for any number of reasons. Such as heat reduction, UV protection, glare reduction, privacy/safety and styling.

Commercial & Residential Window Tinting

ITD Tinting offers nationwide commercial and residential window tinting. Using market-leading window film technologies, we can apply films to overcome an array of issues. Heat, glare and privacy are the most common problems overcome with tinted window film.

Window Tint Training

Delivered over 3 days, ITD Tinting provides window tint training in accordance with manufacturers Global and Suntek. As accredited installers of both brands, we will teach you the window tinting process from start to finish in a tailored or bespoke course.

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Accredited by Suntek, Llumar and Global, ITD Tinting is the Midlands’ leading window film installer. Whether you want to enhance your aesthetics, add privacy, or protect your occupants, our range of films is suitable for your needs. Our team only use ultra-high-performance films, and all installations and film come with a lifetime warranty. For automotive work, we operate in a specialist dust-free installation workshop in Telford.

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