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Here’s why window tint cost means NOTHING when it comes to the benefits

Retrofit the panes of glass in your property with a technically advanced product.

Most of us are familiar with window tinting for cars, but perhaps less so with tinting for residential or commercial properties. And we image even less so when it comes to window tint costs! So what is it, why is it so beneficial, and how can you cut the price of window tint costs when installing it on your home or business?

To help our customers make the most informed decision, we’ve detailed all factors relating to window tinting costs below.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “wait a minute, you’re just slapping a film on some windows . . . it can’t be THAT complicated?” Well, here are FIVE primary reasons why customers choose to have their homes or buildings treated with window tint or film.

? | Fade Prevention
? | Glare Reduction
? | Heat Reduction
? | Privacy Concerns
? | Safety & Security

Window tint – or film – is a technically advanced product designed to retrofit panes of glass. Available in a surplus of styles, they deliver a range of long-lasting and cost-effective solutions (as listed below). Yet it’s the purpose, raw material construction, and estimated lifespan to determine the window tint cost.

Here at ITD Tinting, we receive more questions about window tint costs than any other.

Narrowing down why you want window tinting gives us the necessary context to recommend the appropriate films. Think about what it’s like to purchase a car. Now, the cost of window tinting is FAR unlike investing in a vehicle, but it IS an investment. And before deciding on your vehicle, you will likely come across a range of colours, sizes and other personal preferences. Window tinting is similar as there are many types and benefits. Whether facilitating privacy, security, or insulative purposes, these will all play a role in the final price.

A single-window film installation can solve several issues or concerns with just one application.

Benefits of tinting your windows

✔ Reduce heat to stay cool and enhance your property or car’s air conditioning

✔ Protect your loved ones from the sun by blocking out over 99% of UV rays

✔ Depending on the shade, tinted windows can prevent prying eyes from looking in

✔ Reduce glare and enable a much more pleasant and safer viewing experience

✔ Certain window films can help protect you against smash and grabs or collisions

How can YOU lessen window tint costs?

Calculating window tint costs depends on a SLEW of factors, such as . . .

Style, Size & Shape

Flat windows are easier to treat and will therefore be cheaper to tint. Curved windows require more skill, patience and equipment – so they will be more expensive. In addition to this, large panes of glass will be costly to tint as they will require larger pieces of film.

Quantity & Location

Contrary to popular belief, the overall cost of window tinting can cost LESS if you have MORE windows or MORE surface area to cover. For much the same reason, it’ll cost less if the panes in question are easily accessible and won’t require scaffolding.

Labour & Film Quality

A window tint costed quote should include labour, but ask whoever you hire HOW they charge their services. Other than labour, the quality of the film can make an impact. Some films are superficial, whereas others are of higher quality to insulate for example.

Tint Purpose

Heat reflective film is transparent and doesn’t change the windows’ appearance, while privacy film restricts your view – inside or out. Decorative films provide an extra pop of colour or texture, and security film adds protection against break-ins or weather.

Decorative & Obscuring

Films are available in an array of patterns, colours, designs and shades. They are typically used in bathrooms or front doors and allow light through but retain privacy. Some films allow one-way vision, while others prevent anyone from seeing in or out.


Problem vs. Solution

❌ Windows are the weakest security point in any home or business. So, with threats on the rise, it’s never been more vital to avoid exploitation with preventative measures.

⚠ For homeowners and employers, the safety of those under your roof is serious food for thought. Yet, how do you prevent serious injury from the likes of broken glass?

✅ Professionally installed window film offers safety AND security. This solution also increases your privacy and the window tint cost pails in comparison to its benefits.

What does the average window tint cost?

We can’t speak for everyone, but Check a Trade can.

As with anything in life, the functionality and performance come down to the chosen product. Basically, you get what you paid for. For example, solar control window tint reflects solar energy and harmful UV rays before they can pass through to your home. Okay – yes – it is a little more expensive, but by blocking sunshine from your home you save money on ventilation during the warmer months. Likewise, can you really put a price on privacy? If you want tinted windows then the answer is yes.

According to Check a Trade . . .

– If you’re on a budget, a silver reflective tint might set you back around £775 per 3m2.
– For a medium-priced seasonal heat rejector, the price might rise to around £1,175 per 3m2.
– On the higher end, with thin insulation technologies, average at £1,875 per 3m2.

Now, with this said, we recommend getting MULTIPLE estimates. Do your research and get at least THREE from verified window tinting professionals. The team here at ITD are happy to offer competitive window tint costs but can only justify such expenses with proof. If the window tint cost is still considered too excessive, we can always offer a word of advice. For example, we could recommend less expensive options or could point you in the direction of our discounts.

We occasionally offer discounts based on the number of windows, doors, or total square footage set to be tinted.


Car Window Tinting

ITD Tinting has years of experience within the automotive sector supplying Car Window Tinting. Our team apply window films for any number of reasons. Such as heat reduction, UV protection, glare reduction, privacy/safety and styling.

Commercial & Residential Window Tinting

ITD Tinting offers nationwide commercial and residential window tinting. Using market-leading window film technologies, we can apply films to overcome an array of issues. Heat, glare and privacy are the most common problems overcome with our window tint.

Window Tint Training

Delivered over 3 days, ITD Tinting provides window tint training in accordance with manufacturers Global and Suntek. As accredited installers of both brands, we will teach you the window tinting process from start to finish in a tailored or bespoke course.

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Accredited by Suntek, Llumar and Global, ITD Tinting is the Midlands’ leading window film installer. Whether you want to enhance your aesthetics, add privacy, or protect your occupants, our range of films is suitable for your needs. Our team only use ultra-high-performance films, and all installations and film come with a lifetime warranty. For automotive work, we operate in a specialist dust-free installation workshop in Telford.

If you have any questions about our window tint costs don’t hesitate to get in touch. With 100% trust review ratings, we offer a professional service using genuine affiliated products.


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